Community Awareness on COVID-19

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Community Awareness on COVID-19

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As restrictions have started to ease and people are returning to normal routines and the number of people in gatherings is increasing, we need to continue being vigilant and mindful that the pandemic is not over. Patience, compliance and cooperation are still required.

We must not become complacent whilst enjoying the freedom of the easing restrictions and continue to implement all health precautionary measures including social distancing.

If you have tested positive to COVID-19 you must self-quarantine and avoid any public gatherings, including Mosques and Islamic centres until you have been medically cleared to re-enter the community.

The Australian community has succeeded in containing this virus better than any other nation globally but there are significant concerns of a second wave. Whilst we have put in great deal of effort and made sacrifices to date, we need to maintain these efforts until the pandemic is completely over.

We thank the Australian community for their ongoing cooperation, compliance and understanding, in particular during these challenging and difficult times.