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ANIC Women’s Advisory Council (AWAC) aims to strive and maintain a stronger connection with the peak body Australian National Imams Council (ANIC), its member Imams and Australian Muslim Women leaders and prominent Muslim community members.

The objective of the advisory Council is to proactively hear the concerns, feedback, and suggestions from the council members for what is in the best interest of the wider Australian Muslim community. This includes (not limited to) surrounding issues and affairs that concern Muslim women in the Australian community.


  • To create a platform for prominent Muslim women in the Muslim community to network and engage with the ANIC Imams and the Muslim community leaders to raise their concerns and suggest effective ideas that will contribute towards the development, growth, and prosperity of the Muslim community and generations to come.
  • Provide advice to ANIC on issues relating to Islam, Muslims, in particular Muslim women affairs in the Muslim community.
  • Maintain a strong connection between Imams and Muslim community leaders.
  • Work towards the common good and benefit of the Muslim community.



  1. Shaykha Basmah Al Hably – NSW
  2. Shaykha Mouna Parkin (Umm Jamaal ud-Din) – NSW
  3. Dr Nada Ghamraoui – NSW
  4. Sr Abla Kaddous – NSW
  5. Sr Dalya Ayoub – NSW
  6. Sr Dania Roumieh – NSW
  7. Sr Eman Roumieh – NSW
  8. Sr Fatima Khalil – NSW
  9. Sr Gehan Elrayes – NSW
  10. Sr Madenia Abdurahman – NSW
  11. Hajeh Maha Abdo – NSW
  12. Sr Mariam Ardati – NSW
  13. Sr Mariam Elrayes – NSW
  14. Sr Nadia Bouchti – NSW
  15. Sr Ramia Sultan – NSW
  16. Sr Rihab Bahij – NSW
  17. Sr Suhair Mousa – NSW
  18. Sr Lina Ayoubi – VIC
  19. Sr Azra Khan – ACT