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The Australian National Imams Council and the Grand Mufti of Australia ...

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Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) has commenced legal proceedings relating to its concerns about certain internet publications. The publications were purportedly made by Moustafa Rashed, who claimed to be the only elected Grand Mufti of Australia and the Chairman of the ‘World Federation of Muslims for Peace’ – an entity which Mr Rashed claims is […]


Islamic Position on the Hijab


In Islam, lowering of one’s gaze is a command given by Allah the Almighty to both males and females alike in order to promote a modest and dignified societal code of conduct.


Community Awareness on COVID-19


As restrictions have started to ease and people are returning to normal routines and the number of people in gatherings is increasing, we need to continue being vigilant and mindful


Performing Hajj for the Year 2020-1441H


The Ministry of Hajj and Ummrah of Saudi Arabia recently issued an official statement declaring


State Imams Council

ANIC is currently the sole national organisation of Imams and Islamic Scholars with broad community representation. This places ANIC in a unique position in representing the wider interests of the Australian Muslim Community.

ANIC members are involved in the day-to-day affairs of the Islamic Community and addressing the affairs and concerns of the community.

This interactive map allows you to search through state by state to find the Imams in your area. Please visit the website pages to find more information and contact information for those Imams. Currently, there are over 200 registered Imams and are active in working with the Muslim Community.

To become a member of ANIC you must be a member of the State Council of Imams.

Please click here to visit our Membership page and find out more information.

Click on your state or territory below to view your local Imams

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Australian Fatwa Council
The Australian Fatwa Council was established by the Australian National Imams Council as a division which will focus on Fatwas (Islamic Verdicts) on contemporary issues and matters pertaining to Australian Muslims, preserving the Islamic Identity and spiritual guidance. The Fatwa Council is chaired by the Mufti of Australia and qualified Imams in Islamic Jurisprudence from all Australian states.

CARD is a service to assist people in the Islamic Communities of Australia by facilitating the resolution of marital disputesis a service to assist people in the Islamic Communities of Australia by facilitating the resolution of marital disputes

ANIC Halal Authority
A subsidiary company of the Australian National Imams Council — ANC It is managed by a renowned and well-respected team of Islamic Scholar and experts in the Food Science and Technology

Australian Islamic Education Services
Australian Islamic Education Services (AIES) is a not-for-profit organisation and an Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) initiative dedicated to the provision of services in the Islamic education sector Message

Why Australia needs an ANIC system

ANIC was created with many imams having the same goal. To unite the Australia Muslim Community and give it strength. ANIC has over 200 registered Imams.

Local Services

ANIC’s main goal to strengthen the Australian Muslim Community by providing various events, workshops, training programmes, interfaith dialogues and many other services.

Supporting the community

At ANIC we aim to provide support and assistance to the Australian Muslim Community. With our vast Imams list, there will be an Imam that will be able to help with any concerns, questions that may arise.

Contact ANIC

Have something to say? Please visit our contact page to find our contact information. Call to speak to one of our qualified staff. Alternatively, you are able to visit our head office and meet our team, discuss your concerns and feedback. We look forward to hearing from our community.