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Community Safety & Security Committee

The Community Safety & Security Committee (CSSC) has been established by ANIC to assist and advise the Muslim community on security and emergency management programs and policies.The CSSC’s key objectives are to:

  1. Design and implement a national security strategy.
  2. Undertake protective security reviews for Muslim organisations, centres, public places of worship and major events.
  3. Prepare security solution proposals to take advantage of government grants.
  4. Conduct safety and security awareness workshops and seminars.
  5. Provide a central point of contact for State and Federal Authorities for the safety and security of Muslim organisations and their venues in Australia.
  6. Provide Cyber Security advice and strategy, develop Cyber Security risks and issues affecting the Muslim Community and facilitate a range of events, talks, workshops and presentations on cyber security.

The CSSC carries out these objectives in conjunction and consultation with State and Federal Authorities. The CSSC provides advice to the ANIC and the Muslim community and organisations on issues of safety and security threats to better protect Mosques, Community Centres and Communal Events. CSSC focuses its priorities on an overall integrated security plan by providing expert security advisors, trained security personnel, 24hr incident management and response, adequate physical and technical security and most importantly community support and awareness.

The CSSC is led by highly experienced security and risk professionals with extensive industry experience and a strong track record of community involvement.

For all security and safety enquiries, please contact

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