Let’s Introduce Ourselves

Let’s Introduce Ourselves

The Australian Notional Imams Council (ANIC) is the only central, Islamic body that holds key representation from Australian-based Muslim clerics. Registered as a public company, ANIC was established in late 2006 as an umbrella organisation consisting of a Council of Imams, representing each Australian State and Territory.

ANIC seeks to unite the Councils of Imams of Australian States and Territories in order to streamline the activities of clerics in Australia thus, resulting in the greater benefit to the Australian Muslim community throughout the nation.

ANIC is governed by a General Assembly and on the executive board, which is solely elected by its members. At the Councils inaugural General Assembly Meeting held in March 2006. On the ANIC executive board of 18 members representing all States and Territories were elected for a three-year term.

A key resolution passed at the inaugural AGM empowered the executive board to elect and appoint the position of The Grand Mufti of Australia.

Who We Are

Unity - Vision - Strength

The ANIC is currently the sole national organisation of Imams and Islamic Scholars with a broad community representation. This places the Council in a unique position of officially representing the wider interests of the Australian Muslim Community. The ANIC members are involved in the day-to-day affairs of the Islamic community and in addressing and assisting in the affairs and concerns of the growing Muslim community.

The vision of the ANIC is to be a leading body representing mainstream Islam in Australia. ANIC aims to utilise the skills, qualifications and expertise of Imams and Islamic scholars to promote and contribute to the betterment of the Australian Islamic community and the wider Australian society at large.

The mission of ANIC is to provide religious leadership, rulings and services to the Muslim community of Australia by supporting local Islamic organisations, developing educational, social and outreach programs and fostering good relations with other religious communities and the wider Australian society in on the effort to promote harmony, cooperation and successful integration within mainstream society.

Membership is open to all qualified Imams who are active in the affairs of the Muslim community.

Currently, there are over 200 registered Imams with ANIC as active members from all the Australian states and territories.
To become a member of ANIC you must be a member of the state Council of Imams. In the case where there is no state Council of Imams, i.e. NT and TAS, then you can apply directly to ANIC by completing the nomination form and forwarding it to by email to [email protected], or by fax to 1300 765 964.


ANIC Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members 2018-2021 including the Interim Mufti of Australia, Imam Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammed From NSW

Imams Name  State  Position
1.                   Imam Shadi Alsuleiman NSW President
2.                   Imam Imran Hussain QLD Vice President
3.                 Imam Moustapha Sarakbi VIC Secretary
4.                   Imam Jalal Chami NSW Assistant Secretary
5.                  Imam Tariq Albikae NSW Treasurer
6. Imam Burhaan Mehtar WA Assistant Treasurer
7.                   Imam Mohammad Kammoun NSW Executive Member
8. Imam Mohammad Khamis NSW Executive Member
9.                Imam Nabeel Succariah NSW Executive Member
10.    Imam Rabih Bayteiyah VIC Executive Member
11.                Imam Majdi Esa VIC Executive Member
12.                Imam Abdulsalam Alim SA Executive Member
13.                Imam Ahmed Abdo NSW Executive Member Council of Imams NSW Chairman
14.                Imam Esa Abdo VIC Executive Member Board of Imams VIC Chairman
15.                Imam Uzair Akbar QLD Executive Member Council of Imams QLD Chairman
16.                Imam Amin Abu Samaha SA Executive Member Council of Imams SA Chairman
17. Imam Faizel Ghafoor WA Executive Member Council of Imams WA Chairman
18. Imam Adam Konda ACT Executive Member Council of Imams ACT Chairman