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An Opportunity To Drive Change

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There are thousands of Muslim students in NSW Government
schools who are entitled by law to receive an Islamic lesson at
their school every week. What an amazing opportunity to drive
genuine change in the next generation. The problem is we don’t
have enough volunteer teachers to reach them.
Have you considered how one hour a week can change your lives
and theirs?
AIES invites members of the Muslim community to become a high
school scripture teacher in 2021 in NSW.

Allah (SWT) Says: “Who is better than the one
who calls to Allah SWT…..” {41:33}

This is a great and rewarding opportunity for all Muslims. All
resources and training is provided.
Be part of the solution. Contact us now so we can discuss how
you can start this rewarding journey.
Or Call: (02) 8377 4180 / Email:
We will be in contact with you, Insha-Allah.